PVT Heat System

The PVT Solar Heat Pump maximizes the utility of the sunshine to an energy rate of 80% in which the solar panel converts 20% solar energy into electricity and 60% of the sunshine thermal energy into hot water.
It is the most proper way to utilize solar energy.
"Very handy design ! After I decided to have one, I'd got it installed in just a few days"
Daniel J
"Happy to see how much hot water it produces everyday from the PVT Heat System"
Jackson D
The UK
"Nice kit for my steady hot water supply"
Allen K
The US

As a new energy enthusiast company, we are keen to help every household customer transform their power usage to renewable self generated electricity. Please feel very happy to talk to us about your thoughts on your balcony solar system needs. Click here, or if you would like to call (+86) 13808864903 directly for free consultation, solution introduction and customization.

solar panels

1.Excellent electricity generation performance

2.High power density

3.Durability、salt, fog and dust resistance



1.High and low voltage isolation for safety

2.Support multiple combination parallel

3.Compact for easy installation,IP67

4.Built-in MPPT, DSP control,WIFI remote monitoring

5.High conversion rate of 96.7%

6.Certifications: CE-LVD/CE-CED/UL/IEEE1547/FCC/CA65


1.Good safety performance

2.Capacity>120 L



1.Maximum power point tracking

2.Highly efficient、decreasing wastage


4.Certifications: CE-LVD/CE-CED/UL/IEEE1547/FCC/CA65


Solar Panel

Solar Panel

System integration supplier selection

Solar panel








system engineer

Tom Lu

“The balcony solar systems are very popular in Europe and the USA where the users have strong preference for high quality products. Therefore, I chose every single component of the system from the top leading companies in each sector in order to integrate high quality products for our European and American customers”

Tom has 12 years of working experience in solar panel and inverter companies, and has integrated more than 1000 sets of solar systems in the international market.

How a PVT Heat System Works?

Popular Installations

Swimming pool


Installation Method

Why so many customers and dealers trust auseusa

1. Co-designing and R&D;

2. China Supply Chain Optimization;

3. Sophisticated mass production and testing;

4. OEM/ODM Service.

We keep investing in R&D and our products are getting better and better.


The duration of sample system manufacture depends on the function and power you need and it usually takes 2-4 weeks. 

We usually require 70% deposit to purchase our materials and parts to begin manufacturing the sample.

Customization process

Demand Discussion

Functions & Parameters Assessment Form

Project Plan &

Project & Deposit

Mass Production
Contract Payment &

Sample Making

Sample Acceptance & Approval

Final Payment & Sample Delivery

Final Payment & Sample Delivery

Sample Acceptance & Approval

Sample Making

Mass Production
Contract Payment &

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