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In this article, we have shared our case study related to our customized photovoltaic system for a yacht in the Maldives. So, are you excited to know our successful case story? But wait, before discussing our case study, it is important to have thorough information related to photovoltaic systems. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our article.

Photovoltaic System for Yacht:

A photovoltaic system or Solar generation power system for the yacht is an efficient system that generates electricity onboard via sunlight. Just like an ordinary solar power generation system, the photovoltaic system for a yacht typically comprises of following parts:

1.Solar panels
2.Charge controller
5.Mounting hardware

The solar panels are installed on the yacht’s deck or other suitable location where they can trap a sufficient amount of sunlight. The trapped sunlight is then converted into direct current which is converted into alternating current via the inverter. The alternating current produced by solar inverters is used to run various onboard systems and appliances including navigation equipment, lighting, communication systems, refrigeration units, etc.

Solar batteries are used for storing the charge. During nighttime or when there is not enough sunlight (during cloudy weather), solar batteries supply the electricity to the yacht.

As our specialty lies in the integration of new energy systems, we deal with photovoltaic systems that can be used in yachts as well as in RVs. By installing a photovoltaic system in your  yacht, you can enjoy the following  benefits:

1.The photovoltaic system reduces dependence on fossil fuels and helps in lowering the yacht’s carbon footprint.
2.Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity without any noise. This useful approach contributes to a quieter and more peaceful onboard environment.
3.Yachts that are equipped with photovoltaic systems can generate their own electricity that can be stored in batteries for later use.
4.While the initial investment is quite high, it can lead to long-term cost savings by reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Auseusa stands as a pioneer in the realm of providing customized solutions designed for various highly efficient equipment for our valuable clients from different regions of the world. Below is an example of our customized solution provided to customers in Maldives. Interested? Continue reading!!!

Customized Photovoltaic System for Yacht in Maldives:

A Photovoltaic System also known as PV or Solar Power System is a type of Electric Power System that is specifically designed to supply usable solar power. Solar power is produced using photovoltaic cells.

As technology is advancing day by day, photovoltaic systems can also be employed in transport including yachts. Due to our exceptional services, our name in the market is gaining popularity and our clients are also increasing. A client from Maldives contacted us for a customization solution for the yacht of a Maldives tourism company.

Below are the requirements that were given by customers for the customized photovoltaic system for the yacht.

1.6KW water pump
2.Pumping system
3.Independent power supply for 6 rooms

Using our expertise, and checking the roof area of the customer’s yacht and total electricity demand and power, Auseusa designed a highly operational and reliable customized solution to meet the client’s needs. Considering the limited space and unique environmental conditions of the yacht’s roof, we designed the following photovoltaic system:

1.5.7KW Solar panels according to the space available on the yacht’s roof
2.A 16.5KW inverter for converting solar energy into usable power.
3.A highly efficient battery with a capacity of 30 KWH for storing energy
4.Customized connecting cables to ensure seamless integration.

Since the photovoltaic system was specifically designed for yachts. As it is located in an environment with high salt and humidity, we recommend that customers install this solar system in a separate room and install a dehumidifier to ensure that the solar system can work stably for a long time.

Through careful considerations and strategic planning, our highly professional and skilled team was once again able to deliver a top-notch customized PV solution to clients in the Maldives. Thus, adding another achievement to our journey. By using our efficient and reliable energy solution, clients can now enjoy free power for important onboard systems.

Besides designing customized solutions, our work didn’t stop there. We understood that real sustainability goes beyond infrastructure. That’s the reason we emphasize community engagement and capacity building every step of the way. The results were incredible. With the new customized photovoltaic system in the right place, the Maldives tourism company can now enjoy the water without worrying about electricity shortage. Auseusa was successful in transforming lives, improving livelihoods, and restoring hope.

Testimonials from Clients for Customized Photovoltaic Systems:

Besides entertaining clients from the Maldives, we have entertained numerous clients with customized requirements. One of our clients has said this about us:

“The photovoltaic system with many flexible solar panels and batteries is highly efficient when we sail our yacht offshore and we enjoy the sun and the music”

Production Process at Auseusa:

Not all companies share their production process with clients. At Auseusa, we believe in full transparency with our clients. Therefore, we also want to share our production process with you alongside case studies. Please take a look.

Our production process is divided into the following steps:

1.Production line
2.Cell sorting line
3.Laser cleaning
4.Laser positioning welding points
5.Laser welding
6.Product Aging Test
7.Check the appearance label

Why choose Auseusa over other companies?

If you are looking for photovoltaic systems, energy storage systems, wind energy systems, heat pumps, or solar applications, then you should choose us. Besides entertaining customers with customized products, there are more than enough reasons to choose Auseusa over other companies. Read on to know what these are:

1.Our professional team comes from developed backgrounds and rich experiences. Without a doubt, our team with abundant skills and experience can help you solve your problems.
2.Our company collaborates with industry leaders to ensure that every equipment and spare part is of high quality.
3.We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and exclusive services.
4.Our company is the only one in the industry that can provide butler-style full-process technical guidance along with guaranteed quality control.
5.We earn your trust through quick response and honesty. We earned your respect by delivering on time and at a competitive price. Our reputation is built on excellent customer service.
6.When you collaborate with us, you receive personalized One-on-One services at every step. We will customize your power supply plan based on your needs and tailor-make your power system based on your local natural energy resources.

The Bottom Line:

Are you ready to start your journey towards energy independence and sustainability? If yes, then you should contact Auseusa today. Discover more about our innovative solutions and receive a personalized quote for your desired product. Whether you require a customized photovoltaic system (PV System) for your yacht in the Maldives or other customized products related to solar integration power systems, our dedicated team is here to turn your vision into reality.

Join the ranks of satisfied clients worldwide who trust Auseusa for reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy solutions. Reach out to us today and let’s power the future together.


Whether you have a query with our products, services or other things, you are more than welcome to ask us, our team is waiting for you!

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Whether you have a query with our products, services or other things, you are more than welcome to ask us, our team is waiting for you!