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As technology is progressing towards advancement, the field of batteries is also getting advanced day by day. Auseusa is keeping an eye on everything. As a professional company specializing in the integration of new energy systems, we are all set to introduce our signature product which is none other than Stackable Battery. Interested to know more about it? Without any further delay let’s begin with our article!

Stackable Battery:

The type of modular battery designed to interconnect easily or stacked together to maximize the overall efficiency or voltage output is called a stackable battery. In stackable batteries, the battery units can be connected in parallel or series configurations. The parallel or series connection is important to ensure that the battery can meet the specific power requirements.

In case of series connection:

In a series configuration, the negative terminal of one battery unit is connected to the positive terminal of the next battery unit. In this way, the user can efficiently maximize their voltage together. However, it should be noted that this process does not affect the capacity of the battery.

In case of parallel connection:

On the other hand, in parallel connection, just like negative terminals the positive terminals are connected. In this process, the overall capacity is increased while maintaining the same voltage output.

Stackable batteries for sale are gaining popularity because they can be used in several applications. They are mostly used in those areas where scalable power solutions are needed the most. Scalable power solutions include renewable energy storage systems, electric vehicles, portable electronics, uninterruptible power supplies, etc. If you want customization of your power setup, then doubtlessly our stackable battery is the best option for you.

Why are stackable batteries needed?

Stackable batteries are needed for several reasons. One of the main reasons for using stackable batteries is their adaptivity. They allow multiple battery units to be interconnected. Stackable batteries enable users to scale their power storage or output capacity according to their specific needs. This flexibility is particularly vital in various applications where power requirements may vary over time. Or where additional power capacity is needed.

Stackable batteries are needed because they offer users the ability to customize their power solutions. Based on their requirements, they can choose the number of battery units to stack together. Also, the configuration (parallel or series) can be done to achieve the desired voltage output as well as capacity. This degree of customization ensures that the power solution is according to the requirements of the specific application.

One of the finest reasons why stackable batteries are preferred over other batteries is that they are more space-efficient. Instead of relying on a single bulky battery unit, users can stack multiple smaller units together. This step helps accommodate compact spaces or the design constraints of certain devices or systems.

In some applications, stackable batteries can provide redundancy. Besides that, they help in improving reliability. Stackable batteries efficiently distribute the power storage or output across numerous battery units, the failure of one unit may have a lesser impact on the overall system. Thus reducing the risk of complete power loss. Moreover, built-in redundancy features can be installed in stackable battery systems to further enhance reliability.

The unstable grid, high electricity bills, and plenty of solar panel installations all together initiate the booming demand for energy storage systems. Our stackable all-in-one energy storage system has a built-in inverter which is perfect for the consistency of the system and much easier to install. The stackable battery designed at our company has a battery capacity ranging from 5-30 KWH and the voltage ranges from 153-512V.

Stackable batteries can also offer advantages in terms of maintenance and serviceability. Individual battery units can be easily replaced or serviced without requiring the entire system to be taken offline. This modular approach simplifies maintenance tasks and reduces downtime, especially in critical applications where uninterrupted power supply is essential.

Why should you buy stackable batteries over other batteries?

There are more than enough reasons to buy stackable batteries over other traditional batteries. Read on to know what these are:

1. Maximal energy density:

Stackable batteries offer high energy density because their space utilization is lower than stacking. Stacking reduces more energy and thus boosts density. As compared to wound batteries, the energy density can be increased by up to 5% in stackable batteries.

2. Stability

The internal structure of stackable batteries is more stable compared to other batteries. However, there is a lack of uniformity in the corners of stacked batteries but this is not an issue at all. This is because each layer’s expansion force during repeated battery usage is comparable. Furthermore, stacking the battery aids in maintaining the flatness of the interface.

3. Maximal security

There is no bending problem associated with stackable batteries. They are uniformly stressed which makes them safer compared to other batteries.

4. Long life cycle

If we take the example of wound batteries, then the number of tabs in stacked batteries is two times greater. If we keep the resistance low, the electron transport distance will also be reduced.

5. High degree of customization

Ultimately, one of the best perks of buying a stackable battery is that it entertains its user with a high degree of customization. You can customize stackable batteries according to your needed voltage and capacity by configuring the units in parallel with series arrangements.

6. Affordable on budget:

Lastly, stackable batteries are the best option that can offer cost advantages over single massive batteries. You can start the process of stacking with a small number of units and gradually expand the system over time. This useful approach helps spread out the initial investment and reduce upfront costs.

According to current statistics and predictions, stackable batteries have a glowing future. A report published by Allied Market Research explains that in 2020 the portable battery market was more than $10 billion and is expected to rise by nearly 27.5$ billion by 2030. No doubt, stackable batteries are the heart of the portable battery industry. Therefore, the market for stackable batteries is expected to rise at an exponential rate.

What do clients say about AUSEUSA’s Stackable Battery?

As a new energy enthusiast company, we are keen to help every customer secure the power supply and reduce their electricity bills. When you install our stackable battery, you will be able to significantly reduce your energy bills. One of our valuable customers after purchasing a stackable battery from our company commented:

“I think one of the benefits is that it can store affordable electricity at night and supply power when the electricity is expensive, which saves our family around one-third of the annual bill”

Another valuable customer commented the following:

“The battery is very smart design, easy to get set up, and we put it on our balcony where it saves lots of space”

At Auseusa, we have categorized stackable batteries into two sections:

1.Low voltage stackable all-in-one battery
2.High voltage stackable all-in-one battery

Each category contains various models according to your needs. Following discussion with our customers, we have designed new stackable battery products to meet their current and changing needs. Auseusa stackable battery has a high power capacity and is very integrated, flexible, and extremely easy to use. Our stackable battery is under the supervision of Tom Lu who is an experienced system engineer with 15 years of working experience in the battery and PACK companies.

Customization process at Auseusa:

One of the reasons for our success is not only that we are a professional company, but also that we offer customization services. Whether you are a distributor or an individual seeking customized products, we have got you. Read on to know the customization process at our company:

1.Demand discussion: During this process, we thoroughly communicate with our client. Listen to the unique needs of customers, clarify requirements, manage expectations, offer professional expertise, etc.

2.Function & Parameters Assessment form: In this step, we identify functions or features of the product that are subject to customization, define parameters, assess compatibility, do the necessary documentation, and set priorities. After that, we review the assessment form with the client to confirm that their customization needs have been accurately understood.

The first two steps are then followed by project & deposit confirmation, manufacturing of the sample, and then after confirmation final payment and delivery of the sample. Once the sample is accepted, mass production begins and the products are delivered to our clients.


Doubtlessly, stackable batteries are gaining popularity for a reason. They are flexible, offer customization, and can be placed anywhere. Our stackable batteries come in various models. Each model is specifically manufactured according to the needs of the customer. Whether you inquire about a low-voltage stackable battery or a high-voltage stackable battery, Auseusa has got you. So what are you waiting for?

Contact us today to get a quote on your required product. We welcome clients from the entire world. Our butler-style full-process technical guidance and high-quality after-sales service team make us the leading industry in the realm of stackable battery suppliers.


Whether you have a query with our products, services or other things, you are more than welcome to ask us, our team is waiting for you!

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Whether you have a query with our products, services or other things, you are more than welcome to ask us, our team is waiting for you!